If you have what it takes to work in the fast-paced world of live shows and entertainment, there may be a position with our team on the Gold Coast, Australia.


We are currently recruiting for a brand-new, water-based show at Sea World as well as our ongoing stunt show at Movie World.


So, if you fit any of the below criteria please email your resume and any supporting footage. All roles will be open to both male and female performers.


Show Water Skiers

We are looking for experienced show skiers with all round skill across a number of disciplines including Ski jumpers, Bare footers, Sky Skiers, Wake boarders, Boat driving


BMX Big Air Riders

Experienced BMX riders with skill in hitting large ramp to ramp jumps.


Scooter Riders

Experienced scooter riders with skill in hitting large ramp to ramp jumps.



Gymnasts specialising in high energy, high intensity trampolining. Tramp wall experience welcomed.


Freestyle Jet Ski Riders

Experienced flat water freestyle jet ski riders.


Actors / announcers

Live actors and announcers are required to be part of our show as lead characters and hosts.


Stunt Drivers / Drifters

Experience stunt drivers and drifters required for our current live drive show.



Positions will be full time with attractive salary packages.

There will also be a limited number of part time positions available.


Email RESUMES and FOOTAGE     careers@showtimefmx.com