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The Toyota Times Begin

We are proud to announce that ShowTime Kustom Garage has delivered again!  The start of an exciting relationship with Toyota kicked off with a state of the art activation at this years Townsville Watpac 400's. With nearly 150,000 fans attending this event, the Kustom Garage Toyota Activation was on everyones hit list.  Toyota treats its clients better than royalty, and with the roof top view over the track and course, its was hard to deny. Even some of the NRL North Queensland Cowboys came along to see what all the fuss was about.

Wazzup WHATPAC !?!

The Townsville V8's didn't want to miss out on having the boys either. In the shadows of Castle Hill, this spectacular event had the boys on four shows a day enjoying a birds eye view of the track, it was hard to bring the event to an end. This incredible winter getaway has the boys fighting over who gets to go next year!

Darwin's Triple Crown 2018

The unofficial jewel in the crown  at Darwin's V8's this year had to be the ShowtimeFMX show! For the third year in a row the boys let rip and thrilled the huge crowds with their gravity defying tricks. Off the bikes the boys were kept even busier with signing autographs and giving a camera crew a 'behind-the-scenes' look at our brand new Hondas!

Un-FINKE-ing Believable!

When we heard there was a street party in the streets of Alice Springs, we knew we had to be there. Even our very own Gary Reid cleared his schedule to be a part of this one! For the first time ever, the Showtime FMX boys put on a show the Thursday before the race weekend. The raving reviews are flooding in and it's still being talked about as one of the best feature events (outside of the race of course) of the program. The boys can't wait to be back next year! Check out the unreal photos from the Finke Desert Race HQ

Meguiars MotorEx 2018

If you’re talking bucket lists- this has to be up at the top! Australia’s largest and most prestigious car show was back, and so were the boys. This year featured over 400 vehicles with a collective value of over $40 Million, so the boys had to be extra careful navigating the show in the main arena. That part was easy…not being distracted by all the insane, custom and modified cars was another story!

Woodenbong Trail Ride- Saturday 5th May, 2018

Thanks to Ray Buchanan for inviting the boys along to perform in conjunction with the “Flair Riders” at the Woodenbong Trail Ride. With 580 riders over the weekend enjoying both the registered loop through private properties and unregistered loop, it was a family fun event enjoyed by all! And this years fireworks display was next level.

Sea World Research and Rescue Charity Golf Day 2018

Fore! Showtime's expert golf tacticians were at it again and delivered another cracking event at Hole One. Although the day is in the spirit of fun, the competion for best dancer was fierce! With a one off custom made guitar as the prize- why wouldn't it be! It was great to see so many organisations coming out to support such a great charity, and with money flowing freely in the major auction, people were left feeling warm and fuzzy in all the right areas. Bring on next year!